Eastern Sanaag loses Defence position to Jabuutaawi

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The clan that was 'assigned' defence Ministry has been demoted as well as whole Hart subclan.

The amount of land they have and power of breaking Somaliland it is surprising how less they are represented.

The most prestigious Ministry has been lost to reer Zaylac/Djibouti.

What is left for them?
Muuse is dishing out a lot of L's to Hart Waqooyi.

Last time they were holding a meeting in the Parliament building because as the Water Minister put it "they don't have hotels' and will be kicked out.

The only save place were they could meet was parliament.

Shows they are guests, the same goes for those in Mogadishu.


I guess no more booty shaking for Sland and saying "Caare can't use our land as a corridor to attack Sland"



Reformation of Somaliland
Bohol abused and trashed comes to mind.

Excuses Excuses,

Everyone you lot lose a confrontation with us you always say "is just a short flip flop or thanks to Dhullo militia" bit of it was the other way around you'll be like PL defeats the mighty Somaliland Army.

You know why he got fired:
The Somaliland President, Muse Bihi Abdi has replaced two ministers who had been allegedly accused of corruption in a major reshuffle.

The two ministers, Abdirahman Abdillahi Farah “Guri Barwaaqo” formerly of Information ministry and Isse Ahmed Yusuf, ex-defense minister, who were recently indicted by the Attorney General on alleged charges of corruption have been sacked.
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