East african somali beef

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It all started with an black non muslim girl. She turned her (dreadlocks/ braids) into a hijab.

arab tiktok started dragging the poor under aged girl through the mud calling her all sorts of racist slurs.

then an arab girl made a tik tok joking about somalis that we will eat haram while just saying bismillah.

then some somalis clapped back. The arab racists ofcourse not all of them, called somalis abeed (slave) and all hell broke lose.

when i say the whole african continent united south, west, east, north and the horn.
You had even habesha both amhara and tigreynians supporting somalis.

arab girls supported the african side not only them but almost the entire ummah.

somalis online might be crazy as the muthafucker but they know how to lead the masses through online beefs.

what is y’alls take on this subject and how do the arab bootylickers feel now?

i need answers people.

On another note president elect biden wants to increase the allyship with somali emigrants and even somalia.
This is a big win. Reer usa you have outdone yourself.
These 'Arab bootylickers' were spoken into existence by Somalis themselves. Now you have madow people getting validation for their nonsensical assertions and Arabs that believe Somalis worship them.

In reality, for every unironic ana Arab, there are a 100 Somalis that borderline prostrate for madows. Imagine acting like white people and having absolutely none of the privilege.

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How big was the beef? I don't use tiktok but how many comments did the vids reach?
there was no just one tiktok there were two original tiktoks bashing madows and somalis. This started everything.

my for you page became full of tiktoks bashing each other to the point that some somali trolls started supporting israel kkkkkk. Ofcourse our standing on that issue is with the Palestinians.

shit went from zero to a hundred real quick.

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Representative of Bari
Damn this sounded like a fucking war, I'm glad that the Somali coalition won 😤
ain’t no ethnicity defeating somalis online except the chinese or indians for logical reasons a.k.a these people are in the billion each.

the online malis might be toxic at times but boy do they have each others backs.

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It has been a While since all somali clans united towards a common enemy. We even inspired habesha and the whole of africa to unite on this issue be it islamic- christian- judaic- african traditional worshipers.
I knew somalis are the true african leaders when in wars or beefs apparently.

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Representative of Bari
I don't want to download tiktok because those guys track you and give away your data. I'de very much appreciate it if @Diaspora ambassador took screenshots of the comment sections as well. I wanna see the annihilation that's happening to Carabta.
i posted some. Bro you know that your data is already being sold as you own a smartphone.

downloading tiktok would just add china to the list.
Little rundown:

- Nigerian girl makes a video wearing braids as a hijab.
- Arabs retaliate with racism rather than correcting her
- Arab girl makes a video about how Somalis aren't good muslims & eat whatever they want whether it's halal or haram.
- Somalis call out arabs for being racist
- Arabs start with their usual racism "abeed" and what not
- Now they're beefing


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