Drone footage compilation of Azerbaijani hitting Armenian soldiers


I'm not surprised tbh. Turkish drones Vs gaalo Christian backed Armenia and it's allies, just proves how capable their drones are.


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In the videos where the drone targets are only being zoomed in before it cuts off, those are highly effective Israeli suicide drones that are small and can hang undetected above enemy targets for hours before striking them. These drones use artificial intelligence to strike at the most opportune moment. They are expensive and true menace for the enemy. Most Armenian air defense systems were taken out by them. Azerbaijan now holds the record of destroying the biggest number of S-300 systems in the world.

The videos where you see targets being blown up are works done by the Turkish drones. Most damage to the Armenian forces were done by them. In some videos you can see how the Turkish manufactured smart rockets hit targets. They change trajectory and enter fortified bunkers horizontally through actual entrances. Scary staff.

Another Turkish menace is the surveillance drones that live feed the coordinates of multiple moving targets in real time to smart artillery batteries for precision strikes. They were used to kill Armenian infantry soldiers moving at night in a spread-out fashion over a large area. The elimination was done within few minutes. This is another example of complex artificial intelligence system. Turkey does not export the system to other countries. It means those drone related systems are being run by the Turkish military in Azerbaijan.

The future wars will be done among machines. Humans are simply meat for machines and not a match to artificial intelligence.
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