Documentary Compares Former Failed dictator Farmaajo and Somaliland Pres.Muse Bihi on Somali Women welfare and female advocacy on their terms


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This is realy must watch,eye opening and quite informative documentary, it is also looks beautifully edited and I honestly would appreciate if they make more of these and have better comparisons than this weekly.

It is sad that Farmaajo Lost Against Muse Bihi, a known gurillara mass genocidider when it comes to women's rights, this is a man who spends most of his life in the West yet lost to protecting women's welfare to Bihi who never been to the West.

This should tell what you need to know about Farmaajo's personality, a cell centered opportunist who doesn't even care about no one but him.

HE couldn't even care to answer about the plight of his Reer Anti in Sool, now that is what I call a heartless and cold mother fucker just like his uncle Siyaar Barre and that is what Farmaajo is, like a father like a son.


Waryaa @DR OSMAN what you think of making a YouTube channel like this one with real time coMomparisons of on the FMS states,comparisons of their military strangeth,their governoce system and other things you compare on here , that would be a hit,I would even volunteer to do the voiceover, one of these shaqa la'aan kids on Sspot can edit this shit easily in 20 minutes and we call it XogDhab ah lol:kanyeshrug::mjkkk:
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