do you treat your ajnabi friends like they are Somali??

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As part of the Somali culture, we kiss on the cheeks 3times when we greet. So out of habit, I forgot myself the other day and gave this ajnabi girl the Somali greetings. She felt uncomfortable and stood there frozen, which in turn made me feel uncomfortable and made the whole situation awkward. I reminded myself never to do that again and proceeded with the day. I don't know how she interpreted this 'minor incident' but ever since she keeps calling me, sending me messages, inviting me to her house, buying me gifts etc. I woke up to a 'MORNING HAPPY THURSDAY' text message yesterday. Who even says that????
Looks like you've stumbled into the clutches of a muff diving lesbian. Kissing a blonde is always a dangerous enterprise. Mr Wanagsan speaks from long personal experience. That's why Borat only kisses guys on the cheek.


:mjlol:She probably thinks you have a thing for her now.
Has she ever given you bi-curious type vibes...prior to this incident?
I don't understand why she would think you might like her, did u tell her that's how people greet each other in your culture. I would just reassure her that you only like guys.


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I don't give my friends or anyone cheek to cheek kisses except for my close family, not even my relatives.

I treat my ajnabi high school best-friends like my Somali friends but I don't treat other ajnabi friends like my Somali friends.
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