Do you look better now vs 5 years ago?


I was a skinny youngster , shorter dreads looked like any Cape town street kids ,
apart from the typical geeljire 4head ,
chainz on fleek , smelled like weed all the time , I had grills on my teeth , only thing I haven't done was tattoo my face lol

I have grown out of it and very mature, longer dreads , more muscles and mass thanks to quiting old habits cold turkey.
Looking presentable and professional at work. I stand infront of the mirror and I see a better version of myself can barely recognise 5 years before .


Somalia Hanoolaato
I didn't realize I was super skinny 5 years ago, my license said I was 50 pounds lighter than I am now. Time to lose some pounds :)
5 years ago I was 14 and 5,4 :damn:,thank god for puberty.I think I'll look pretty much the same in the next 5 years(24) besides a full beard,


i think with my heart
now :icon redface:

I sleep well, eat healthy, hydrate, sweat, barely stress... I feel better, calmer, happier,.. confidence on the ceiling.. Alhamdulilah :2tjlv3e: