Do you look better now vs 5 years ago?

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I saw this on Twitter, with people posting pics of themselves now vs. what they looked like 5 years ago or more.

I found most people look better today vs back then. Could be the filters and more powerful camera phones, who knows. But it made me wonder: Do you look better today (2020) vs. the past (2015)?

Personally, I look way better now. Switched to contacts, lost my chubby cheeks, better fashion, healthier, clear skin, better makeup application, more confident and poised. Ngl I went through a glow-up.

Tagging all the fellow boomers.
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I am ayeeyo, the powerful filters don't do any good to me. I still look like Mama Maylun 1595958426602.png


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I'm still in my 20s, not a boomer at all :mjhaps:

I look the same more or less. Beard is more full but keep it clean for work, eat healthy and workout more often.
I was a kid 5 years ago, so not a very good question. Otherwise I look better every year, in fact I look a lot better than I did an hour ago. I woke up with unkempt hair, oily skin, yellow teeth, bad breath, and body odour. It's amazing how much a shower and brushing your teeth can do :)
I look the same really :mjdontkno:

Maybe I look a bit more mature cause I don't wear Jordan's and basketball/soccer jerseys as often. More business casual clothes, I'm a macalin now, I gotta look more serious :birdman:
Always been fresh to death :mjswag: