Do you go by a different name at work?

I have a new somali coworker whose legal name is samsam but she goes by samia. I thought it was interesting

I may start doing the same cause these people stay mispronouncing my name and it pisses me off. Indhoyar do it a lot where I live cause nobody can pronounce their real names lol

Does anyone do this?
Yes, they can't pronounce my first name coz it's spelt in the Somali way so they just call me by my last name which is easier to pronounce.


Ils veulent pas la paix…
My name is two syllables and easily spelt so cadaans don’t have an issue with it.
I have a simple, common three syllable name.

But people in my current workplace kept getting it wrong when I started.

I gently, jokingly bullied them into pronouncing it correctly
I insist that they correctly pronounce my name because it's honestly not that hard; I share my first name with Koreans and my last name with Chinese, so Indhoyars at work can't pretend.
A cadaan woman who used to work with me used to call me Lyon. Not sure why she did it though but she was very beautiful and I was single at the time, so I roll along with it. She was also a director and a single at the time as well............
They call me rick at work


What do you mean they call you Rick? Did you at least tell them to call you by that ridiculous name or did you allow them to name you, like some sort of exotic pet?

PS: It's all jokes, mate
Some middle-class cadaan bellend asked me if I preferred people using my "goverment" or something else and I gave him such a dirty look that he pronounces my name perfectly now lol

Having a work name or work wife/husband is so fucking cringe :tacky:
You change your name for randoms to say your fake name right. That should not translate to tangible satisfaction.

As long as people say my name right in a general way, then I am cool with it. If they pronounce it completely wrong, I correct them. It is that easy.

I do not think my name has ever been correctly articulated by non-Muslims. And I have, from a realistic standpoint, internalized that the task of expecting them to say it right is too high of a bar that I initially drop the correct spelling of pharyngeal fricative word sound, and anything beyond that is usually okay.
I'm wondering why that Hamse Warfa guy didn't change his name to something like Hamza. They way Hamse is pronounced in English sounds kinda off to me.

Mine works like
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we used this tactic for many years untill they demanded to send picture first in job application :damn:
Why do they require a picture for a job application? Never heard of something like that in the west. I know they require that in east-Asian countries. They even explicitly tell us where I live that attaching a picture to your CV/ resume makes it look unprofessional.