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Do majority of diaspora Somali women smoke cannabis ?

Do majority of younger Diaspora Somali women take cannabis?

  • Yes

    Votes: 4 19.0%
  • No

    Votes: 17 81.0%

  • Total voters
Almost all the younger Somali women I met consume cannabis or did at one time in either middle/high school or University. You can easily tell when a Somali girl consumes the stuff since it will stick to your clothes like expensive cologne. Some of them were also addicted to wine. Why do women fancy wine?


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This is true sxb in Downtown Toronto you'll see Somali girls openly smoking poppers and pushing a stroller :mjlol:

As for wine never heard of that tbh but bare sip henny :mjlol:


Hakuna matata
I've only meet one who did. The rest were shisha heads. I only hanged with the non smokers we use to do fake smoking using paper and lighting it up hahahahaha


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Majority no, alot yes.

do alot of them drink, yes.

do alot of them do cocaine, yes.

do alot of them get ran over like a train every weekend, yes.

does a faarax end up marrying that, yes.


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I bet you guys wish you could put every somali women on earth in a box to keep yourself sane. I'm also against this weed smoking/drinking and other vices but this level of obsession thats its specifically being done by a "xalimo" is crazy. you would sooner go mad before you can keep your racial image pristine