Dirty Ugly White Girl Says Somali People Stink


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I would love to test an RPG on this dirty doofar girl.

Never liked these people.


Author: H*ejabi secrets| hate lefties
It is true though some Somali homes have this weird smell that sometimes even smells from the clothes.

It is mostly family homes with 3 or more kids


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White people should be the last talking about stink, they can't go 5 hours without their skin releasing this horrible wet dog like smell :vqbuyv0:


how do i use this
i love how caadans telling non caadans they stink. they don't even wash their futo after taking a piss or a dump, we at least wash our bum


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She didn't lie.

I live in MN where fobs are roaming in every street, every shop, every cafe and they all stink. They don't believe in wearing deodorants or taking a shower every day. I get embarrassed for them, it's part our religion to be clean and not have body odor. The fob women go outside with the same baati they cooked suugo in. These people should attend orientation classes about body hygiene. It gets worse in the summer. Qabri bayax idiots are ruining the Somali name in Mn. I feel like buying thousands of deodorants and handing out to them.


Oromos also stink, sometimes people mistake them for Somali.


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Cadaans have no say whatsoever when it comes to hygiene. Most of them died 600+ ago cause of the plague. She’s bearing the scent of dead dog as she uttered that comment lmao.