Dating Stories

A shapely babe down whose knickers I slipped a finger haunts my memory. We all have our stories. There was a time when I dated a budding young painter gifted with artistic powers for a number of years on and off. But mostly on because I figured that like much else in our technological society it doesn't work if it's off. The sweet young lovely was pregnant with talent, but not thank God, with one of those little human things who cry all night, defecate on themselves, and get more titties from your woman than you do.

She was very queer too. The woman could not bear the sensation of her own heartbeat for she said it was like waiting for a clock to stop ticking. The lass had a great dread of eerily quiet places so we couldn't hit the museum, the bookstore or the library.

A year later she dropped me because I kicked her out of bed in my sleep. An accident to be sure, but she was none the wiser for it and I made no great effort to clear it up. Letters came my way periodically threatening to out me as a woman-beating bushman, but I was quick to remind Her Excellency of Oscar Wilde's quip: Better damned than ignored.

Is it true that women seek borderline abusive men? Share your dating mishaps.