Database of Somali names boys & girls

Hmm this could be a good idea for toy site, "Somali name generator" there's luck of diverse naming within the somali community which sucks, too many abdi's and moes

I might actually go ahead with this next week starting off with all the names here and seed it into db.


Forza Somalia!
I found this on reddit

Kaahin= Kaah, which is synoymous with Ilays or Iftiin. Usually this name is given to someone who born early dawn or sunrise. A synoymous name with Kaahin is the name Waabari. The feminine name of Kaahin is Kaaha.
Isn't that semitic name? It is sound exactly like ka-hin
Derived from the active participle of كَهَنَ‎ (kahana, “to predict the future”), from the root ك ه ن‎ (k-h-n). Compare Hebrew כוהן‎ (kōhên).

كَاهِن (kāhin) m (plural كَاهِنُونَ‎ (kāhinūna) or كُهَّان‎ (kuhhān) or كَهَنَة‎ (kahana), feminine كَاهِنَة‎ (kāhina))

  1. diviner, soothsayer, prognosticator, fortuneteller, augur, forecaster
  2. (religion, Christianity) priest, father, chaplain, rector, prebend, clergyman, vicar, dominie, curate