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I actually want all SomaliSpot crypto traders to do well, including the XRP fans. I am not trying to shill you guys out of your positions, these are just my opinions.

XRP is bullish right now, just don't be greedy and know when to get out of a pump. Be it temporarily or not.

I will be cashing out this month. Don't HODL macro/big caps in the summer. Only mid- and micro caps perform well in the summer months.


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$MARA and $RIOT are also good btc trades. Voyager is a good crypto exchange play too. Chinese miners have been getting hit bad recently. Easy to scalp and put.

A few OTC stocks mine green btc like $ARBKF and $BFARF might pop when they go to Nasdaq in the next few months so keep an eye out.
I haven't looked into them. Not sure about shorting/buying puts on them on a crypto collapse. They might have competent leadership that hedges.

MSTR CEO on the other hand is a cultist who will never sell and will go down with the ship, lol.


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What is a little bit suspect about the Pi Cycle indicator this time is that BTC is not that far off from the Stock-to-Flow trendline. All other times the Pi Cycle occured while BTC was way off from the Stock-to-Flow trendline.

Maybe this is the year the Pi Cycle indicator stops working and gives a false positive. 🤔 I have a feeling that indicator is too good to be true.


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Do you think ethereum will be like bitcoin in 2018?
I have a bias against Ethereum. :browtf: Fees are too damn high, but it has a strong network effect.

Mark Cuban is promoting/pumping it.

PS. I can't believe BNB is doing so well. I used to think it was a mere exchange token of Binance (for lower fees on Binance), but it is the Binance Smart Chain (low fee and more centralized clone of Ethereum) that is driving up its value.