CRYPTO Cryptocurrency market trends

Some people yolo and copy what I say on here. :chrisfreshhah:

I don't want people to lose fresh money. My risk tolerance is very high because of previous profits in crypto.
I got high risk tolerance too :stopit:

I picked up a second job and I've been dropping at least 2k a month on this shit since Nov and will continue until end of June. I didn't go teach in the badiyow of the artic to come back empty handed :stopit:


Do you feel the ground shaking beneath you yet?

The firework show is just around the corner.

2021 will be the year of the global financial collapse.

You plebs heard it here first!


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The WallStreetBets dudes are pumping the meme coin Dogecoin hard right now, nearly 300% in a day or so



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XRP is up 50% this morning. @Apollo did your charts predict this?
So what? DeFi tokens have outperformed and will continue to outperform Ripple.

I am not a BTC shill, but I do respect it because it is the crypto reserve currency and its fluctuations are important to follow.

I am most bullish on DeFi cryptos, not BTC.

PS. Ripple is so 2017, boomer tier coin. Move on already.
@Apollo, BAO :wow1:
What do you think about it :wow1:
I'll be buying today, a significant sum, shit's under a penny and hasn't even been fully released. It's projet seems sound as well.
If it blows up anything like UniSwap or Dot then :krs::krs::wow: