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I hope you got out in time. This is only just the beginning.
I did take a bit out on some of my positions just to cash in, but I am holding for long haul on most.

Now to see how low BTC goes, if its a huge crash it'll be a good time to load back up.


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Reminder of this post:

BTC has not even hit the 100 daily EMA (currently sits on ~22K), which were the times to get in during previous bull runs.

50 ema= 26.2k
100 ema= 21.3k
200 ema= 17k

The price is way above these moving averages and therefore still in a bull market, for the doomsayers.

Just 10 days ago it had never been above 30k, calm your tits.

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This is the best buying strategy, if you are bullish.

If you believe this is a real bull market and not a fake out, then use this buying strategy. Do not wait for very low prices like 7k, 10k etc (like @Abdalla has mentioned). This won't happen in a bull market. This will:

If you are strongly bullish: buy at 100 day ema. YOLO.
If you are mildly bullish: buy at 200 day ema (risk of never going there)

Use this charting platform to find EMAs: (it is easy), google how, lots of tutorials.


But be warned, this can also happen, fake out scenario (back to $4,000). 😱😨



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- Do not invest in privacy focused altcoins. They are a bad store of value due to regulatory risk.

I say don't touch privacy centric altcoins and then Zcash starts mooning (was in the 60s during that post, now over 100).

..the reason behind this could be because big tech social media giants (twitter, facebook, amazon web services, apple etc) banned Trump and some of his instigating supporters and there were stories about FBI etc. analyzing public bitcoin transactions sent to them.


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"First they ignore you (2009-2011), then they laugh at you (2012-2020), then they fight you (2021 - ?), then you win".


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Interesting philosophy lol. Bitcoin has been threatened by these institutions in the past. Do you think this will be the nail in the coffin ? :hmm:
I don't think it will ever become the global currency, but I doubt it will die out just like that. China's central bank banned it when it was worth around 1,000 and it is way higher now.


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I sold for the first time since the early December break out. This looks like a fake second attempt to break all time high. I don't mind if it makes a new high as I am in profit, might buy back if it looks strong again. Now it is too risky.


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