Congratulations Mogadishu. Hoyadi Garomada Somaliyeed

I must congratulate Mogadishu, the only thing they led and inspired other Somalis is the development of sporting grounds. Mogadishu was the first to do this and the rest of the nation followed. Hawiye waa hoyadi garoomada Somaliyeed.

Here is Garowe laying down it's first sporting ground, we are the last region to do so, but to deny Mogadishu led the way is not fair, we must acknowledge the inspirators, I have the balls to congratulate my enemy hadu iga hormaro, I don't see our enemies doing the same but that's up to them, because they will never end up growing.

I am still waiting for a Puntland Museum. Every city in the west has a musuem of their city or region. Where is Puntland's? haven't seen anyone even discuss this which is crucial to store the history of the region, wa dhaxal wayn a musuem and it's one of the first places a society does to present their history to the world or else we will be told our history if we don't define it ourself.
If I was like Galmudug I wud say 'puntland wa abaha garomada somaliyeed' but that is silly to say, i never invented the idea, it was done by mogadishu, waa hoyadi iyo abihi, I Won't do a bililiqo like Galmudug tries to with federalism.


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