Common Somali women

Do somali women are you look like the first pic

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    Votes: 7 46.7%
  • No

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Not the norm. Dressing like that doesn’t mean anything lol most girls I’ve seen that go to Korea for their whor3 phase, dress like that.
Is this average to you guys and girls. I think I'm in the wrong circle

I don’t live around Somalis but when my family and I go to the community for events like weddings, eid celebrations etc. I always see girls like this one and better, not your first pic, believe it or not. Must be the fresh ocean air and not much fast food that does good to our appearance :sass2:
Is this how the Somali women around you look like?

The women around me look similar like this
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@Amirah @Angelina @Sophisticate
@HIBAQ123 are you just messing with me?
Yes and no. Around half maybe a little less of the Somali girls in my area look like that, the rest look normal or just plain.
Also, many of them aren't wearing the hijab properly or at all in the pics. :shookgabre: