come across GEELJIRE madness on the streets of SHEPARD’s BUSH, almost was knifed by EASTSIDE (video)

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:ftw9nwa::ftw9nwa::ftw9nwa: Flag man in the cut he was in chicken connoisseurs video and chunkz's as wel he is probably a former khat chewer as it's known former and current crackheads have superpowers.

* Shepherd's Bush

You're lucky the McDonald's on shepherds Bush green is quiet still imagine it was labelled the worst McDonald's in West London eye to many cases of anti social behaviour and one kinda notable rapper ( loose1 got stabbed there and a well known rapper ran off since he was with him (Digga D).
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Hiatus✅ 1/18/21- ?
"Adhu ma askari baa tahey"

Sxb, don't get knifed and mind your own damn business. This ain't Ohio waryaa. :damn::damn:


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Im on my way to bush now!!!!!
Watch out for the geeljire on the 607 with the slim frame dark skin luscious curly hair and striking Caucasian features!!!! 33B52CB1-1115-472A-8EC2-8B474203CE12.png
The brother was very sad he failed the mission he was supposed to carry out. He promised he will redeem himself and asked for 1 more chance. Im a forgiving man and granted him 3 days to accomplish the mission
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