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That's right guys , get yourself a cup of brewed coffee and enjoy reading my article.
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When it comes to publishing and printing , this is not the right platform to promote , however I have not reached that stage , since it's still developing. Hence why I write frequently on reading/writing apps ,where I do submit similar/parallel stories on Wattpad , The Tales of Geeljire are the very few projects I have publicly displayed.

Although It's always best to have an audience of readers , one of the core fundamentals of writing is to engage meaningfully with readers, I need to think beyond the countless pages of threads forums etc. I know it is important to have a regular interactions with a strong base to connect with readers.
I am open to the feedbacks even the
criticism , which will enhance my writing skills.
I try to be as clear and concise and make the readers feel with my storytellings.

I am a new writer so I tend to write fiction and non fiction related stories.
To those who had read my recent series of Tales Of Geeljires , which I know many had read since that particular thread was visited more than two thousand times.
It's time to get an honest opinion from the outside perspective ,
wether I should postpone or continue narrating Samatar. To hear from a reader's substantial insights, Would be crucial enough. To determine the fate of Tales of Geeljire.

With that being said, I am a reader myself , so I would probably love every book that I’ve read no matter how “bad” it is for some people.
However, I started to realize that I should not be that generous when it comes to ratings. I should stop giving books 4 or 5 solid stars just because it has my favorite tropes , etc.

Like humans we rate books without giving it a deep thought, just by what we felt after reading it. For instance, when I particularly love the story lines and how the characters develop we automatically rate it 4 or 5 stars on Goodreads.
Now, I aim to rate fiction/non fiction books by weighing different factors such as writing style, plot, and character development instead of focusing on my emotional attachment to it.

And, as always, these are my own opinions and rating system. After all, there is no definite right or wrong way when rating a book. We are all welcome to have different opinions.

Your perspective on that matter are appreciated.

To those new or never heard of it, do not hesitate to visit this page.

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