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This thread is going bananas. It is no more focused on one subject, the current war in Tigray but is now about every politics of Ethiopia, religion and what not. That is not gonna work. Anyway, I came here just to remind you that I still stand by my prediction that the war would last 1-2 weeks (max 3 weeks) :ftw9nwa: Accordingly, I expect the army to enter Mekele, the capital of Tigray, next week. See you!
Why is the greedy Amhara quiet today.
Is Amhara andinet dream becoming tough?
Why is the greedy Amhara quiet today.
Is Amhara andinet dream becoming tough?
I don't want to waste my time with useless talk. I said see you in Mekele next week :ftw9nwa:. That is what matters! Amhara militias and the army will be storming Mekele next week. 💪 The only thing that can delay their storming may be in one week could be the evacuation of westerners from Mekele. Otherwise I see the army next week in Mekele.
I think that all Somali's should help Western Somalia aka region 5 break away from Ethiopia. This is the only time I am willing to put aside my beef with Darood. Even If it means that Darood will control western Somalia.

The Hawad should be given to Somaliland, to encourage them to get involved and help.

Their is zero benefit for Hawiye for this and it could come back to bite us in the future. But I just want the Somali's in Western Somalia to be free from Ethiopian occupation. Hawiye's should strangle Farmajoo who cooperates with Ethiopia and put someone ready to support our brothers in region 5. I wish Aidiid was alive in times like this.

This is a great opportunity. Wake up and mobilize. Hobyo port will ship weapons to western Somalia and we will send fighters.
@Django is there even proof that tplf attacked the northern command to ignite this war ?
Yes there is. The TPLF media dimtsi Woyane (a TPLF party TV aired from Mekele) yesterday released the confession and confirmed that they attacked the northern command first. TPLF gambled high and lost big time by attacking the army.



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Ethopia will never be dumb enough to let 2 major ethnic groups break away from them just like that. The UN will help them mark my words
Ethiopia won't exist if Tigray and Amhara continue to fight. They would end up being worse than Somalia, fragmented into many ethnic groups.

If the Somali's in Somalia get involved walahi the Habesha won't have a chance.


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ONLF has gone soft and bent the knee so I doubt anything will happen. Only chance of independence is if Ethiopia completely collapses


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@Django is there even proof that tplf first started the aggression with their attack on the northern command to ignite this war ?
Let me.tell you this when the Eritrean embassy in Addis Ababa starts to talk about war on Tigray and ENDF starts amassing military at the Tigray border while Eritrea does the same what do you expect?
TPLF to wait for their doom?

Anyway the Northen Command were mostly Tigrayans.

This war is not about TPLF but of Ethnic cleansing Tigrayans by blood thirsty Amharas who want to use state resources to cleanse them.

In Addis Ababa ethnic profiling of Tigrayans has become common.
@Django is there even proof that tplf first started the aggression with their attack on the northern command to ignite this war ?
Tigrayans have been provoked several times.
When Eritrean Embassy in Addis spoke about it and said they will punish Tigrayans.
When troops started amassing at their border.
What did you want Tigrayans to do?
Wait for Racist Amharas to use state resources and Ethnic cleanse them?

They had to act quicky or get attacked.

I think Tigrayans did a good tging with their prementive strike on the Northern Command who were mostly Tigrayans who switched sides.

You see this war is not about TPLF but a war against the existance of Tigray.Abye and his Amhara goons are posing an extinencial threat against Tigrayans.

As we speak purging of Tigrayans have become order of the day accross Ethiopia and Ethnic profiling of Tigrayans is happening in Addis Ababa.
Just look
Did you guys see what happened in Azerbaijan? They got their land back from Armenia which had it for 30 years. We can free our Somali brothers and sisters in western Somalia. Liyuu boolis need to defect to ONLF and Jigga to be under ONLF.

We need to make it clear that Amhara or Tigray people is not our enemy. We are neutral. Western Somalia just wants to be FREE. Somali people are not Ethiopian.
The positive thing for Hawiye is that Western Somalia will also act as a barrier against Ethiopia.

All Somali's need to start supporting this. Raise funds, even make dua after salaat. Inshallah western Somalia will be free. Its oil and gas belongs to its people not Ethiopia.