Breaking News Civil war in Ethiopia


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Alotof Amhara have been killed in the front lines Tigrayans arent joking.

That is what brought about the reshufflement.
ALL the atrocities tplf have done to the SOMALIS in the Ogaden and in Somalia now it's their turn to feel the pain the sorrow that we have gone through as a people their screams are a sweet sound to the deaf ears of man who is become blind to the world that has forgotten the plight of the Somali people
You are disgusting. Why would you wish for people to die? It’s okay to hate the Ethiopian government, but it’s horrible to be happy when innocent people die. Those people did absolutely nothing to you:pacspit:
how typical zoos praying for those that kill them on mass gtfo with ur fake sympathy


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who do u think is gonna win
We dont know yet but what we see is aAmhara wanting to ethnci cleanse Tigray people using the pretext of elimintating TPLF.

Tigrayan people have fought very impressively.

Tigrayan soilders are outnumbered but not outgunned.

While Abye relies of quantity the quality of Tigrayan soilders is very impressive and have good weapons that can withstand a million soilders.

Amhara when they fight they bring 10 times the number of their opponents in the battle field like Adwa war or 1977 war but the bottom line is this 5 days has been one of the bloodiest wars since the confluct of Eritrea alot of Ethiopian military men have been killed and were burried on mass graves with tractors.Abye admitted 98 injured ENDF being treated in Amhara region which means you just add a zero at the end to know the actual injury while the deaths are in 1000s because they have have congregated in 100k within a small location.


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