Child Marriage Common In Non Muslim America

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It is very strange that people accuse islam of pedophilia yet 10 year old girls are still married in America as of today. This article demonstrates clearly child marriage isn't about pedofilia cause it is occurring in 'poverty' rural areas in America as of today, but I think has more to do with survival. Back in the day and even today in poorer countries, surviving was and is much more difficult and parents can't afford to keep their children at home so they marry them off to another family so they can take care of them!!!

Imagine you don't know where your next meal is coming from, would you prefer to see your child die in front of you or would you do everything you can to ensure they survive even if it means marrying them off!!! I honestly do not think pedophilia is a huge problem in poor countries because these people are struggling to eat let alone think about sex with kids. How can you think about sex when your hungry? do you think about sex when your hungry? it's just not common sense at all.

Pedophilia occurrs when someone has addressed their survival needs and is STILL being predatory towards children which occurs mainly in rich countries because they are self sufficient!!! there is no genuine need to marry a child anymore in rich countries because everyone can provide for themselves and there is no need to take the load off another family children.

I still hold to the belief that pedophilia is a developed country problem not a poorer country problem!!! I am not saying there isn't predators in poorer countries but when you look at the bulk majority who are poor, the last thing on their mind would be preying on children, they simply have other challenges to address that are more 'desperate' then thinking of sex.
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