Celebrity Crush

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Body's on point
:lawd:next door neighbors would call the police i wouldn't spend the night tho can't handle the bald head and she seems like she would get on my nerves

Erykah Badu she old AF g that thing is probably being held up by spandex


I like classy women, Sanaa Lathan will do just fine for me.
sorry to burst your bubble but shes a groupy she was with diddy and montana few weeks ago you can probably guess what happened she look no different then any other groupy around rappers:hehehehehe:
I am not sure about having crush on the whole of a celebrity but I have crazy crush on Rihanna's majestic ass. :whew:

O yeah:

Here A$AP gets a handful of it. Lucky bastard!

Here she looks getting dry-humped and felt by a lady getting engaged (looks like a dyke) and she seems cool about it:

O yeah, even ladies can't keep their hands off her irresistible ass:

She is wild and fearless and I love it:

Sorry, what was this thread about again? Will be back soon, I promise. :umhxisq::umhxisq::umhxisq::umhxisq:
Not open for further replies.