Cadaan women appreciation



the one & only
I don’t understand niggas who would go for those whales

Its known that when fat white women can't find white men they go to black men because they'll accept anything thats white in a female no matter if shes fat,skinny, handicapped you name it.

Sad but true i heard it from many men and women from all races
tbh the amount of respectably fit men that aren't incels go for fat women that are black is confusing, like okay you like white so then there's legit soooo many to choose from that'll fold for them that look okay, I just can't wrap my head around it:dwill:


Panem et circenses…
Imagine that hooyo going to Somalia saying this:

β€œNaa maandhow labo xabo oo qasil isii. Naag cadaan oo wiilkay la seexda baan oo siinayaa.”