Cadaan guy tried to rob madow guys apartment

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"He tried to break into this apartment, but got caught, stripped naked and
kicked out by guys who were home. He started to run away but came back
after few minutes begging the guys he tried to rob to give him back his clothes, probably realized he can't go out naked on the streets. The
funny part is those guys were black.

Later, some other tenant came back to his apartment and the naked thief
had to run away. He asked the guy later to help him but only
realized there was a CCTV camera so he left naked and humiliated...

He was arrested 20 minutes later while he was hiding from cameras. He
was paraded to the police car, then put in jail with other prisoners still naked. He must've waited for hours to make a call then hours for his friend to bring him some clothes. All this time he was surrounded by other men and he was completly naked (apart from his socks)."

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