British ambassador to Somalia Kate Foster under fire for suspending Galkayo - Hobyo Road Project midway

We all knew this woman was bad from the moment she was named Ambassador of Somalia, she has that menacing witch look that you can tell that she is no good at all, this woman clearly is against Somalia Developing, she want Somalis to be always be at the Mercy of UK's aid-support.

I say fock her and her UK, and lets us Somalis depend on ourselves in developing our Country, and we should never forget what she and her country done to us at our lowest point.

We the Somalia Citizens Advice the UK Government to replace this incompetent woman asap, its clear as day that she has a grudge for Somalia's development.
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I think it was
That's not true as the funding was already there for the project to be implemented.Keep in mind this project was proposed in 2017.
I stand corrected.

It begs the question though what other reason the UK may have for suspending the project. Corruption/terrorism funding fears perhaps?

mr steal your naag

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Lol, Somalis crying that their former colonisers won't give them free money.

Holy fucking shit !

And they say we shouldn't just be recolonised.

@mr steal your naag, we need to start a recolonise Somalia movement.

I have said so many times that we should have been colonised longer. They should have colonised us till 2010 so we could have kicked out the retard nomad langaab behaviour. But sadly they left to soon :mjcry:


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The UK has always shown they're not good-faith negotiators when it comes to Somalis.

The SYL were right to cut ties with them and reject applying for the Commonwealth.



The UK has always shown they're not good-faith negotiators when it comes to Somalis.
the british order of north africa somalia and the middle east is firmly in place. iraq briefly got their heads out of the water with their nuclear plant but fell back in. somalis briefly got their heads out of the water in 77 and had to be dealt with. turkey is still a secular republic built on ataturk who abolished the caliphate for britain. jerusalem is under jewish apartheid.
dont underestimate the sinisterness of the british empire.


The UK is the second largest provider of aid to Somalia, giving £147m in 2019-20.

Countries like Kenya, Somalia and Djibouti are considered important strategic locations to enhance Britain's presence and influence in the Horn of Africa and provide a gateway to other regions in the continent. The UK has a military and security presence in a number of regional countries.


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Isnt she the same woman who met Monica Juma the Kenyan foreign secretary to discuss Somalia? I knew she was corrupt after that


Why point the finger at the british when they put in alot anyway and generally focus on bay and bakool which is fine imo. So called president has been holding back millions from several federal states.
I say let us wait what happens because Britain has been good to Somalia. Galmudug needs to be patient. Britain has done good things for Somaliland and will do the same for Galmudug but we need to be patient.