Breonna Taylor's family settles for 12 million dollars in wrongful death suit


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No I've never been stopped but I used to act like a victim cause some of my friends with criminal records got stopped a lot, I was a victim by association.
Same here, never really had that much issues with the police. Experienced more racism from middle aged (white) Karens asking what I am up to. :deadpeter:

Lets see how much of it they invest or put into a college fund for their relatives.
I bet 99% of of it will be gone in 2 years.. Spent on a Bugatti, Mansion, Mayback, and enough shoes to fill a stadium.. Negroes..


12 million is a lot damn. It still doesn't replace a life lost of a beloved relative. If it was some bum relative of mine like George floyd, then i would thank his ass for being a martyr and not be that bothered for a court settlement, but if my educated relatives get killed in their own home then i'd flip out and no amount of money can replace their lives.



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