Breaking the Puntland Speaker is in FGS's camp President Deni needs to clarify his stance

The Speaker Abdihakim Dhoobo today arrived in Garoowe talking about his discontent about the impasse and demanded that 'Parliaments' pave the way and that the legislative's should decide along the executive as the executive could not agree.

This is in support of the FGS. Khayre then disrespecting part of Puntland constituents waited for the Speaker outside the airport to have private discussions.

After that an altercation happened when the deputy Speaker said if Khayre wants to speak to Puntland Parliament the Speakers are going together as they were one team.

It looks the Speaker who travelled twice to Mogadishu and Turkey to get or be offered financial benefits by FGS allies Qatar and Turkey in support of the FGS is compromised.

Puntland President is quiet and needs to clarify his stance.

Is he in the FGS camp? Why doesn't he talk and point the blame on those who are at the wrong.
Doobo should tread carefully because from the FGS's actions one can see that they have little respect.

They pushed a Puntland Parliamentarian to the ground and disrespect the deputies of Puntland Parliament.
Why does the Speaker want to go into the car so badly?

Luckily current Puntland government doesn't tolerate dissent as previous governments did notably the handicapped Gaas administration where the Vice President openly use to come against the inept Gaas and even one day threw a heavy water bottle that bruised and scared his face.

Amey quite the Olympian bottle thrower.

Imagine this full bottle thrown into your face.

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Khayre called him to the car and later spoke in favour of FGS by saying if the executives can't agree the legislatives should take charge to solve impasse or be included.

Khayre and Farmaajo want to use those legislatives to get involved and use them to bring out MP's that will elect them and run along the executive to challenge it and therefore weaken resolve and increase disagreement within the States.

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Second Deputy Speaker Ismaaciil Maxamed Warsame fought and prevented the Speaker going alone into the car where Khayre was sat waiting, a real hero who demanded that he see's them all as elected heads of Puntland Parliament.

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The guy embarrassed Puntland by trying to get in the car with PM like it is a rendezvous or date, the second deputy Speaker did not want to have anything of it and the Khayre protocol became desperate and later told to get lost.

But the Speaker is still suspect.
Well done for the Speaker walking away after the scuffle and the initial prevention to meet Khayre inside the car by Puntland 2nd Deputy Speaker.