Breaking: Somali guys knife and shoot each other Minneapolis Somali restaurant


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It happened in Cairo Grill owned by Somalis. My buddy there just called me to let me know. It happened today.
This happened on thursday night. Liban is doing fine and already out of the hospital. I heard some random guy walked up to him and started stabbing him 3 times. Luckily he had his gun and saved his life.


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alx the brother is ok, one of my friends was in distraught when she got the news that her cousin was stabbed.
Don't get me started bro. "if you start me up I'll never stop". Remember that song?. You must be new to the forum. Long timers know full real me
Dm me bro I need to hear all your failures and success when it comes to that subject. Didn't mean yo crush ur thread 🤣🤣🤣