Breaking News Somaliland troops capture Hadaaftimo

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After Yubbe Somaliland advanced to Hadaaftimo seat of the Suldaan!

Just yesterday its mayor said they will not be captured in an Interview he gave to Garoowe Online news outlet.
Locals are arming themselves in Sanaag Bari to fight off the Somaliland aggression and assault on their land

By the look of it Sanaag is a goner.

Somaliland is piling up pressure which sends signal of distress and resignation to the communities of Eastern Sanaag.
With so many troops not far away and no Puntland troops to defend the town its capture and total take over might be eminent.

As the capture first seeped out and large protests were reported it turned out people were protesting not the arrival of Somaliland troops but the danger the town finds itself in.

Puntland after a disastrous five year spell by the previous Haas administration has no apatite neither is in the right position to deal with this situation.

The hierarchy and troops build by the administration before Haas has been decimated and been run down by Gaas.


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Embarassing, PL needs to make a decision and keep these two: Dhulloz and Warsangelis from being part of the state. They are always working for the Jeegaan enemy and can be easily bought and later on emasculated by a friggin Idoor


"Breaking News Somaliland troops capture Hadaaftimo"

Even the fake news spinner admits that this is bs.
You have denied and downplayed every thing Somaliland army has done so far, but it has always happened.. Sorry bruuh:lolbron:
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