BREAKING NEWS: At least 6 killed in shooting at Quebec City mosque

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Grigori Rasputin

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Excuse moi? I was the very first :birdman:

Anyways AUN the good people that died for no reason. May God show mercy on them
Alright I concede defeat :childplease:

We are here fighting for who got it first. Real people died. Subahanalah. Alla ya raxma

Major news websites haven't broke the news yet


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Disgusting. Those terrorists should be killed.
Terrorists? But how could they be terrorists when eye-witness reports say they are white!????
They are "lone wolves", not "terrorists" :bell:

I joke but this is the state of the media, I'll bet they will shy away from calling it an act of terrorism and just call it "an unprovoked attack" :snoop:

Vito Rizutto

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These french cacs man try way to hard. Its known fact Quebec is a racist province who are anti-immigrant. Far-right wing groups been growing for awhile search up soldiers of odin :kodaksmiley:
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