Breaking News! 🚨 Iran has launched an attack against Israel using dozens of drones! 🚀


After Passover it's on. Imo the iranian ballistic missiles can and will easily overwhelm the Israeli air defences. Any attack on Iran's soil will be met with extreme devastation.

I'm beginning to wonder if this war is the reason the hadith prophesised that we will fight with swords once again in the last days. May Allah preserve our families and our children during these last days.


Cabdul's Status CLOSED until further notice.
Bro youre deluded as hell and seems that you lack the basic understanding of whats happening in the middle esst

The war is between israel and there colonialist ally AKA the west thats trying to subjugate muslim nations all around the world, expoit their resources and exterminate levant muslims and iran that's trying to break the neocolonialist chains on the middle east

I know iran did some bad things just like every other regime including saudi and UAE starving and displacing millions of yemenites, turkey targeting kurdish movements and saddam invading kuwait, but that does not change the fact that western colonialist are million times more worse than any iran could ever be, forget about regime changes from western africa all the way to Pakistan and centuries of exploitation but colonialists are the ones that invaded adal and given our lands away to ethiopia

and iran despite never posed a threat to us and entire muslims and never had influence more than 3 nations out of the 50+ islamic nations,
iran is the only nation that stands for the palestian cause, they are the only nation thats trying to end neocolonilism in islamic world, so the time when gaalo used the fake shiite/ sunni beef is long gone and every sane muslim see that iran is on the right side of the history and win for iran means win for the islamic world, how do you explain or what do you really think houthis, iran and iraqi shiites are gaining by helping palestenians except that they they are spirtually attached to palestenian muslims unlike the fake muslims running arap nations?

Lets just expect iran keep collecting W and let us expect sunni nations follow their trajectory aswell.
Youve been fooled, or maybe you are the fooler.


Cabdul's Status CLOSED until further notice.
Because Iran has politically defeated your Khaleeji masters (Ikhwaani Qatar & Salafist Saudi).Should I mourn for the defeat of the Saudi/American backed Yemeni govt? Do you honestly believe Houthis have killed as much civillians in Yemen as Saudi/UAE air raids in civillian areas?I should insult them for attacking the Zionist state?
The American Govt which you live under has killed 1 million Iraqis and thousands upon thousands of Afghans,Somalis & other Muslims yet you don’t denounce America neither do you leave America/stop paying taxes that support Israel.

You constantly obsess about the “raafida” but ignore Israel & the country you currently pay taxes in.

Hamas being run by Freemasons isn’t a normal thing to believe in. You have long ago lost the plot.

You mean Madaakhila & Salafist J*hadists?

You are still an outsider to the Islamic World and will never truly understand the deep solidarity we have for important issues. We throw away all our differences and support Palestine and anyone that puts the Zionist genocidal occupation in its place.

There’s a reason Israel’s main goal in the region is to destroy the Iranian regime
last sentence.