Breaking Godah Barre says Puntland Examination failed today in secret recording to justify exam fail

He said apparently in a meeting in Jowhar.

If the recording is true and verifiable than it will be an utter shame.

Every sane Puntlander would have to withdraw any support and goodwill they had for the FGS and leadership of President Farmajo and PM Khayre if Goodax Barre the Education Minister is not sacked promto.
You have heard it hear if Goodax Barre is not sacked and relieved of his 'minusterial' position which obviously weighs heavy on his shoulders the last of those who had good will towards them will have none.

Disgraceful to say the least!

I thought first that might have been a secret recording as no Minister would actually say such words turns out Goodax Barre was adament in his speculative speech and the camera flashlights were in his face rolling.

Seems he lost it completely.


Make Hobyo Great Again
He still hasn't learned his lesson even after being smited by God himself.
Crow indeed but the Puntland public onslaught left some damages.

The people of Puntland are united alhamdulillah and know how to defend their interests because of their sheer numbers and large educated minds they can bash anyone into submission.

Godax was untouchable but Puntland once showed you don't mess with them.
GBTarmy he's still reeling from the last backlash he received from Puntland.

Will he apologise again? Once Puntland decries your actions and declares you a persona non grata that's it!