Breaking: Farmaajo supports Israel’s annexation of the Golan Heights

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How Did Our Muslim Leaders Mysteriously Vanish? - The CIA Has The Answer!
The Third Temple is the master plan...

What you see is a family picture is a family meeting, The Islamic Summit Conference held in 1974 in Lahore was hosted by Pakistan and came to be known as the Lahore Summit. It was an extra ordinary summit, called to discuss the Middle East situation in the wake of Arab Israel war and the oil embargo imposed by Arabs. It was attended by the head of states, ministers and dignitaries from Muslim countries all over the world. Some of the participant countries were Afghanistan, Algeria, Bangladesh, Egypt, Indonesia, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Libya, Malaysia, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Turkey, Palestine and many other soverign nations. The Visiting delegations were warmly welcomed by the people of Lahore.

This summit, was opened with the recognition of Bangladesh by Bhutto, it made India realise that the Islamic family is loving and forgiving, the sumit recognised Palestine as an indepedent state and also sent a message to the world of Muslim resources on the planet, especially the oil. This summit is important because, it was the only major summit in modern history to get the Islamic world together and give Jerusalem the respect it deserves. It started from Shah Faisal of Saudi Arabia. On March 25, 1975, just about a year after this summit, Shah Faisal was hosting a delegation from Kuwait in which one of his half brothers was also present. He was the brother of another of Shah’s half-brothers Prince Khaled bin Musaid. Faisal bin Musaid had been living in the United States for the last few years.
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The American passport must be pretty valuable:ehh:.
Pompeo says God may have sent Trump to save Israel from Iran
Who cares about arabs problems as we have our own problems and still seen as a threat without a navy,air force or army to defend our land,air,sea and most importantly our diginity
This isnt about arabs... its about destroying the Muslim UMMAH
Yes but what can we do as this guy folded like a chair for damn passport and these qrabs are helpin the enemies of god steal land from muslims once again and i am glad un said no once more


A sane man to an insane society must appear insane
If this is true then may he be disgraced in this life and the next blessed are the people of sham and the messiah isa son of mariam will return in syria


I could agree with you but then we’d both be wrong
Why do we care about sandniggers?!! Syria have never felt the need to help the battered Somali nation.


No dictator can imprison a population forever.
We have our own issues and we abstained. Somalia could not deal with American heat at this time
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