Puntland Bosaso-Garowe road repairs to begin tomorrow

Fucking embarrasing! Are there no Somali companies capable of road building/maintenance?
I've seen a few local contractors. I remember seeing one called al bashir or something.

There's probably a local content requirement in the contract so local contractors and suppliers benefit from the works as well.
"The road from Bossaso to Garrowe is going to be repaired after the Friday bust up in Garrowe which was caused by a Mohammed Jama supremacist "
I agree but if there are indigenous companies capable of performing the task as both @Farm and you stated then why contract the chinese at all?
Risk, capability, and previous experience are all factors that are considered when selecting a contractor.

And just because a foreign contractor got the work it doesn't mean locals are cut out of the picture. They will obviously hire local labour and use local subcontractors (machine hire + water trucks probably). And then there will be money going to things like fuel and accommodation.

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