Misleading BLM crowd back at it again


Ghetto King of Sverige
I'm Gen Z and no-one believes this degenerate bullcrap she was spewing.

BLM SJW Xalimos just piss me off wallahi.:birdman:
I wasn't referring to Millennial giving birth to BLM Xalimos.
BLM Xalimos been around before the oldest Gen Z was even a legal adult. Take your L. Social justice warriors came from your generation saxiib.
no wonder the sand grains got it from there parents who used nico in the great disco halls back home while stanning hard for scientific socialism :mjlol:
So the girl did not say somalis where slaves so whats the problem? Anyways these people are minority and second shes probably 16 or close to it. Only somalis make essays when a teenager is miseducated about their history wallahi dhiikarka iska ilaaliyaa kkk


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