"Black Lives Matter pushes Japan to confront racism"

Black Lives Matter pushes Japan to confront racism

"To many Japanese, racism towards black people has long been considered something that happens in the US or Europe, not at home.

But when the death of George Floyd in the US sparked a wave of protests demanding that Black Lives Matter, people in Japan joined in too.

The protests and marches in major cities pushed a debate about racism in the country, and whether enough was being done to confront and change things."


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Japanese can do whatever they want in their country. If i racially abuse a Jareèr back home and he’s angry he can go back Tanzania where he came from.

It is what it is the last thing we want is Jareèrs Lives Matter protest and reparations BS:mjdontkno:
Japanese people are pretty intolerant when it comes to foreigners. Not sure if race matters to them though. I'm pretty sure it's a concept of whether you're Japanese or not, hence the term "foreigner".


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