Black in Japan.

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If you've time to watch the full version it's over an hour. I'm sure you will enjoy it.



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There's some Somalis who live over SNM legend who has family in my city passed away in Japan a few years AUN

I remember him ...just how I discovered I was related to AbdiJ I think I'm gonna discover that 6 baanu kala tirsanaa
Somalis are everywhere my pops was a student in China in the late 70s early 80s. And I have relatives who live in Papua New Guinea out of all places in the world.

There's actually a few Somalis online who write about teaching English in South Korea.

I'm curious if there are any Somalis left in North Korea. A little known fact is during Siyaad Barre's rule, NK and Somalia were really close. He went to Pyongyang twice and was good friends with Kim Il Sung. Before the Soviets picked Marxist Ethiopia over Somalia in the 77 war, NK was sending a lot of advisors and arms to train the WSLF. Siyaad Barre was even awarded the highest honor in North Korea at the time: Order of National Flag, First Class. This is also the only honor on his Wikipedia page lol.
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