Exclusive Bitter Farah gets rejected by racist Biryani eater

He wants us to spread around this audio to shame her. So I will do my part. I am embarrassed by his actions, the desperation was oozing from his pores. The lack of testosterone and bass in his voice as well as the stuttering was just appalling. I don’t know who was more disgraceful. She put her foot on his balls and all he can do is ask us to cancel her :holeup:

The guy got rejected by a Curry Muncher that’s an L in itself, Curry Munchers are very low in the pecking order they’re just above Africoons. it’s an L it is what it is. He was a beg and she was lowkey racist. The end
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[Cali Saleebaan][Migiurtinia]
Damn, this nigga was trying set her up and get all the Farahs do riots but I guess it didn't work for him, anyone else heard the baby voice, is she a single mother? :mjlol:
This is what i picture happening to all of those farahs that dedicate threads, and tweets to White, and MENA women to belittle Xalimos :silanyosmile:
Huno let’s not generalize just because this guy was a cuck doesn’t mean every other Faarax is. Him flirting with a Curry Muncher highlights how desperate he was. We as the Noble Faaraxs disown his low testosterone self :nahgirl:
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