Biden better hope the Taliban runs Afghanistan better than ghani

Or the democrats lose in 2024. He has been damaged badly politically.

The only thing that can save him now is a stable Afghanistan under the taliban


Supporter of Puntland Independence Movement
Nothing would have changed had we stayed for another 20 years in Afghanistan. Afghan people have to be willing to protect themselves but from what we saw a few days ago, they aren't willing and basically just wanted us to stay there indefinitely to provide security for them but obviously that wasn't feasible. Anyways, President Biden made the right choice in leaving Afghanistan and this decision will most definitely not have any negative affects on Dems in 2024.


Biden is toast in 2022. Let alone 2024. America is finished, sad to see. We U.K. niggas laughing at y’all. You’re not even going to have fair elections after the Republicans get power in the senate and house 😂. Good luck Latino’s and Blacks trying to vote lool. Welcome to fascism.