Best Muslim Country

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IMO, Western countries should ban the practice of mail order brides. It is pretty much modern-day slavery. Dirty Western men exploiting women from poor countries.
Dead wrong mate.

Why should ugly geezers with a face like a hairy ass be robbed of the only opportunity of getting their dick wet?

Also, why is it fair for a woman to exploit a man's need for beauty but not a man to exploit a woman's need for money.

I knew it, you're a man hating feminist aren't you?
You HIV infected ********, I hope you get raped and gave birth to fucking calebs. Go back to the fucking coli, or do you need your slave master to do that for you.
No way to chat to women old boy. You have to say "come hither you sexy little thing and let me sweat with you on the bed a little"

You know - romance.
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