SOMALILAND Berbera City & Port Development & News

Somalia could be next Singapore/Hong Kong ( our location is enough for trading and serving all these landlocked in Africa) this map displays our trade routes in medieval time. We were smart enough to take advance of our location. We can be the link between from India, china (heart of industry) and Africa home of raw materials.


Feel my D in her abs call me Abdi
Inshallah we will make Berbera a major transit hub.

Mark my words..Beesha Habar Awal is making a comeback to international trade :banderas::rejoice::rejoice::ohhhdamn:


Feel my D in her abs call me Abdi
Nuux ismaciil needs to sit back in the ancestral home
Berbera belongs to Cisse Muuse iyo Nuux Ismaciil.While the Berbera corridor will be going through Jibril Abokor iyo Abdalle Abokor land till it reaches JigJigga

Ilmo Subeyr Awal will be eating good :eating:


Berbera Somaliland is going to implenet several project for Somaliland. Cissa Musse running the backbone of Somaliland economy and development.

In 2015 they are going to plan a contruction plan for milk powder company which was the biggest contruction factory of whole east Africa and this would package the milk powder across the world.

In 2016 Berbera project plans a recontruction and expansion of milk powder which use to be the biggest cement factory in east Africa and use to sell over the world and they are planning to revive that which would boom somaliland economy to the next level. :2tjlv3e:

In 2017 they are planning to build over 200 wind turbines across Somaliland which would have enough electricity to feed whole of Somaliland.

In 2018 they are planning to build a central bank for Somaliland which would propare over 15 thousand job types for all Somaliland citizen which would sky rocket the Somaliland economy up to 200%

The berbera project aim is to plan an ecomical development and growth for Somaliland and main purpose is to make the lives of Somaliland citizens sustainable.

Here are further information and they already started the project, it'll end in 2018 and by than Somaliland should be a country than.



Not happening except the port deal! Don't get ya hopes up :fittytousand:
It just started in 2015 and it'll end in 2018. It's already blowing and Berbera port deal you are talking about is Ethiopian & Somaliland Berebra port deal hasn't started, but Ethiopia says when the Berebra project ends than the port deal will happen and when that does, somaliland will get it's recongnition.

:salute: I can imagine the partnership and organism between Ethiopia and Somaliland. :ahh: