Jubbaland Beauty of Waamo and Joore Jubaland

Is that where Buulo Bartire is?
No Bullo Bartire is In of north Kismayo.
This is the west of kismayo pass the airport 18 KM from kismayo.
I want them to expend their settlement in the north of kismayo.
Before there were no Darood settlement in the north of kismayo. I want them to settle Places like Bulloguduud and Gobweyn all in the North.
Bullo Bartire in just outside kismayo before Bullogaduud.
Does anybody knows how to take video from What’s up to here Somalispot. I had problem , it won’t let me do that.
Admin let me know how to do
Kismaayo Jubaland put love on it

Reer Jubaland we have work to do, we have to develop this beautiful farmland and create jobs for our people. It is rich farm land , can feed whole Somalia
I never knew we live that far down in kismaayo only knew about xagar and bua'ale , what is the situation like for jidwaaq in kismaayo district?