BALAAYO HAPPENING N QAARADA HABAARKA QABTO: Ghana, Cameroon & Algeria out of the World Cup

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we will have new debundants Burkino Faso ( can you name there capital?.. it is the most African of African names...Ugawagdugugugu :chrisfreshhah::drakelaugh:)

Congo-Kinshasa ( There's 2 Congos...This one is known for Ebola and mass slaughter..They have national celebration called " Great sport of killing the tribe next door)

Zambia...( Their nickname is The Chipolopolo which translates into The Hippopotamus...Waa neef daaqaya...why name yourself after a ugly lazy fat animal, only I Africa )

You ask, What about Somalia ? Somalia, Afghanistan, Syria and Iraq are competing on a World Cup just created called Devastating War games...Somalia's starting lineup: Yalaxow, Ali Dheere, Hussein Aidiid, Indhacade and Muse Bixi..While Syria are fielding Bashal -El-chemical, Nasrallah, Ayoyollah, George Zhukov and Abu-Bakayl...Afghans have decided to field the hole Taliban contingent ..Iraq willl be represented by the Minister of Propaganda of Saddam era government ..if you don't remember him here he is as the US was at the gates of Baghdad
Somalia didn't even participate because they lacked funds lol. Djibouti can but Somalia can't? The Somali FA is getting rich
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