AUN Garaad Cali Ciid

One of my favourites, AUN the Garaad of Maakhir!! :yloezpe::yloezpe::yloezpe:
I love puntite as she is always prepared for the enemy either thru their words, maskinimo, the moryans, the ones in office, the wadani, islamist, she knows the enemy is everywhere and in different 'clothing' and some well 'no clothing' kkkk
Stop calling them elders which is western term of uncivilized natives here in Australia. Call em for what they are 'oday dhaqan' his not just an 'oday' that is different cause cawaans have odays also trust me i seen them here in australia, he is 'cultured elder' meaning the closest english term for it is 'aristocrat'. U can call hags if u want 'oday' cause that's all they have nothing else but a mere odl man be really careful sxb with hidden racism from white people who want to lower your culture to theirs.

Aristocrat is a person who has the manners or qualities of a member of a privileged or superior class. a person who advocates aristocracy as a form of government.

That's what garaad ali ciid did he was an aristocrat that wanted to keep alive the 'aristocracy' of the sultanates. Maybe ppl from the uk/australia/canada/new zealand need to come to PL to teach them what their doing is really equatting themselves with 'old man' meaning not cultured nor standing up for system like aborigines and trust me that's a pure oday waa iska old man wax kale hikmad uu lee yahay ma jiree kkk.

His a true blue blood aristocrat that wants to continue the 'isimo' which is 'superior class of people' in PL and have differing roles.

I agree

We should call our traditional leaders, "aristocrats" or another term that signifies how important they are.
@PuntiteQueen I know some aborigines here and I asked them about their 'elders' and they said we recognize him due to his 'old age' only that was it, there was no system or heirachy or culture that was being protected, his just an 'old man' in our language 'ciroole' weeye lakin that's all he is. So elder means 'ciroole' so whites can justify there is no 'culture' here and continue white supremacy. They are 'wicked' people lakin 'si hoose bay ku cunayan oo nidaam leh' unlike the more 'savage emotional black ppl' oo wada coynayan. I wud love puntite to have discussion with them and she will be WHITE MAN PUT SOME DAMN RESPECT TO THEIR TITLES
@PuntiteQueen When they say 'elder' the agenda is to say your system of governance is purely on 'age' since there is no other 'distinctions' in your culture then 'pure physical attributes' after-all if they give u a title or class it indicates your 'sophisticated culture' since their is 'complexity' in your society and not 'simplicity' which they use to baseline of the 'aborigine' as the lowest stock of people and they create 'pecking' order in the world from that bottom feeder to his 'culture' being the 'highest'

When we seen our 'isimo' which is literally our 'aristocrats' and not the titled class of 'king, islan, garaad, sultan, ugaas' these are equivalent of 'king n prince n duke level' depending on 'constituency size' duke being the smallest unit and princes being of 'larger' constituency. But the other ones like 'oday dhaqan' are simply 'aristocrats' who speak for the royals in darod. Darod are royals-aristocrats-within the aristocracy their class system also nabadoon-oday dhaqan-aaqil and they have differing roles and functions obviously.
@PuntiteQueen do u want that PL is delegated to a culture that is purely about 'age' of the person being considered your ruler indicating their is no culture that u guys have besides 'ciroole' and thy can assume in their culture they have ciroole to and they will class u with those people saying ur culture is no different to just an old man in my peasantry class kkkk since all u have is an 'elder' and his 'elder' also kkkk so he will be like 'be gone you old man with no culture'. PL has many 'cirooles' that doesn't mean they are 'aristocrats' nor 'sultanates' they form our citizenry only which is how we need to demonstrate our culture of heirachy and promote we do have a 'unique culture' prior to white people and they didn't just find us like aborigines

Bring back @Farjano-Walad he knows the 'royal system' and old world and he knows the 'sayid republic somalinimo' im strict monarchist and believe we have a heirachy in our society based on lineage-status-history-nasab-gun-geesi-fuley-experience, where-as that republican system eliminaates class and heirachy and u see wat we inherited today. MAYBE the monarchy were right werent they. Majority of majerten are 'monarchist' you can tell in their attitude of 'class system' is still in their mindset so it hasnt disappeared at all. They treat their aristocrats far differently then 'random ciroole' kkk
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I am blue blood aristocrat I am not royal house but god dammit I want to restore Somali Monarchy so it's not a Somali republic based on 'no class system' besides 'somali' like the american system while everyone knows their 'class and history' kkkk, it just doesn't seem suitable because the royals and aristocrats still have great influence in our lives, we are not america ok, that sort of shit won't work here and caused bloodshed with sayid abdulle as everyone loves their royals