ASIANS capitalising on 91', first was EFM, and now Another film about 1991 Somalia, Malaysian Made, Called Bakara, is coming out next year !


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mr steal your naag

banu hashim and shiettt

Wallahi they should have made all these movies in the late 90s or early 2000s like black hawk down but now is just sad :childplease:

mr steal your naag

banu hashim and shiettt
Lol i just read the story this is bassicly a spin-off.
off black hawk down :obama:


The Russians and Arabs have been the butt of Hollywood for a century. There’s no need to freak out over a few movies.
Asians are doing this to build up their self esteem in response to all the white films that showed them as weak and inferior for over a century.

China did it with the Wolf Warriors movies

Pay attention to the fact none of these films involve white people in low positions, asians are merely punching down the social ladder with africans because they know they can't do it against whites.

In the end its our own fault, the weak will be used as punching bags for insecure people's patriotism.
Somalis would not be included in this trend were it not for our own failures
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To be honest these were the guys that saved those coward Americans, didnt get respect they deserved in blackhawk down

2nd video explains how they told the fulay Americans to stay put


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What the USC rebel group did during the civil war, wouldn't be shown in any cinema in the world, it's far too gruesome. Whatever movie is made, is very sanitised compared to what actually happened.