ASAP Rocky!

I think he is hottest black man alive right now. They need to put him in movies. Now I understand why the Swedes were after him, they were Jealous of the attention he was getting from their women. Thank God for President Trump, he saved a true black Adonis!😍


Looks like a typical farah


waslad connoisseur
He’s very handsome.

he’s my type. Dark and smooth skin, long hair, well dressed, and from the hood:banderas:


SYL supporter
So you’re from the trenches:damnmusic:

Unfortunately quite the opposite, actually extremely opposite. I am pretty white-washed for a Somali admittedly, despite speaking Somali fluently and having travelled back many times.

Laakin, I am sure there is an "Abdi2Trappy" and "Warsame2Splashy" for you abaayo.

I'm not the judgemental type, more the live and let live type.

I’m not into the hood look. But if they clean him up, give him proper hair cut and nice suite and put him movies he would be a huge start, bigger than he is now. I love his teeth too and those dark gums, the Ethiopians would kill for such gums.