are anjabis easier?


بما يرضي الله Feminist
Maybe you’re the easy one. Have you thought about that?
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Ajnabis would say the thing about our women. I think it's just personal experience.
This. I think is this true across demographics. But I found this to be extra true with women from conservative( yea even Christian) societies.

However, I would be lying if said certain demographics are simply just not harder to interact/deal with on average.
I think it’s genetics + environment + culture.
Even within the same demographics. There is different sub cultures.

This is me when she cute but tells me she’s a northerner(especially MJ or isaaq)
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Madaxweynaha Qurbo Joogta 🇸🇴
We used to pay 100 camels for our xalimos and you are talking about easy. Nacalaa stick to Becky and Maria xayawaankaad tahay was