Andrew Tate: Enjoy extinction white boys

This guy doesn’t understand the depopulation agenda that’s going on the goal for these globalists is to reduce the world’s population to only the west and Asia.
although this post is cringe save Europe kids need to read it if not for immigration their population would decrease and without a work force they would be fucked
There's nothing wrong with globalism it's a bit ironic, you're likely in a western country yourself with decent education etc. Be grateful mate not everyone has that choice
It’s usually the guys as well but I don’t understand Somalis like this. I don’t think they deep how easier their lives are due to this if we’re going to be very honest with ourselves even if it’s a tad bitter.
Why is he turning against his fan-base of depressed white men? :mjlol:No one ever wants to hear, "you are a toe sucking c*ck" from their red pill idol


LOVE is a product of Doqoniimo mixed with lust
Let Them Eat Cake
The whole tweet is insane. Man said enjoy extinction in the end 😂

Tate is an example of a pathetic man. His ill equip to come to terms with his small and women disgusted by him makes him fail continuously. Xaliye too- Somali version of Tate
Cadaan women don’t like having kids. Same can be said about somali women in the west. People want to enjoy there life. I usual only see mathow baby mothers, and fob women having a lot of kids but thats it. Majority of western born only want 3 kids max and thats bring generous.

I know plenty young educated somali couples with 5-6 kids. 3 is too small. The thing is us and cadaans are made different. Don’t follow in their footsteps they’re a doomed nation. the reason why they don’t have many kids is because their kids will literally dump them the minute they’re old enough. Whereas because of Islam we will be surrounded by our children and grandchildren until our dying day, different perspective. So don’t copy cadaans.