An Italian came to Mogadishu in the year 1312 for the search of his Brother

I saw a artical talking ab a genevovese merchant was in Mog 14th century lakiin I never read it. Might be ab this, gonna check
Vandino and Ugolino Vivaldi were the first people who wanted to sail around Africa to reach India from Europe, but they were never heard from again. It was their son who went to Mogadishu to search for them. Crazy story, shows how interconnected the world was at that time
Yeah i read about it a while back. It's a wacky story to be honest. Genoese merchants traversed the cape of good hope but never heard of again. Another genoese traveled to east africa in search of the lost genoese merchants. He traveled to habasha down to a country between two rivers probably mogadishu. He said that they had his own religion. He then traveled to zanzibar.
Remember zanzibar was not mentioned a lot at these times even ibn battuta didn't mention zanzibar but he talked about swahili coast, first to do so.